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Toon into this dress


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You know what its like your rushing out the door and the postman is walking towards you with a handful of letters. As you flick through bills and takeaway menus you find a fateful handwritten letter.

You open it and there before you is a last minute wedding invitation know I dont know about you but my heart sinks a wedding means a new outfit and this means shopping, I hate shopping at the best of times throw in the fact I’m plus size and its a recipe for disaster.

However I have a ace card up my sleeve Yours Clothing I knew they wouldn’t let me down and I was right.

Loading up my favorite mobile site whist on the bus to work I was drawn to the mesh style top dresses. Sexy, on trend and different which I love shows a bit of cleavage without too much.

As I scroll down the page there are some beautiful designs, pink and green, black an white I continue to scroll down I see the daddy of all mesh top dress a colourful explosion cartoon print dress.

Cartoon multi print mesh top dress

I know I have to have it and at the price I have no choice before I know it the words “Thank you for ordering yours clothing” appear across my screen, I know the delivery man will be at my door any day soon and I cant wait.

I was excited even more when I saw a similar design to my dress in a high street store which I would never dream of shopping in due to my size, I know I was going to be right on trend. Vivienne Westwood eat your heart out.

Delivery day arrives Im too excited to wait and as soon as I open the parcel I run upstairs to play dress up.

I could see from the website all the cool pictures on the design of the dress but it was only once I got it home I found even more there was a cookie monster, decks of cards, strawberrys, butterflies and so so much more, every minute I twisted around to see each side I was amazed by more more images.

Sizing – perfect, length – perfect, just what I wanted!

So wedding day arrives, I decide the go for a 50s look teaming my cartoon dress up with my old halloween petticoat (I think everyone has one somewhere) and of course my Yours Clothing shapwear, I have today at long last the 1950s hourglass body I have dreamed of.

Feeling a million dollars I am ready to boggie the night away and boggie I do!

The compliments came quick and fast and I felt amazing.

Dont ever fret again when you receive a last minute invitation – Yours is on hand! (Dont forget if you order by 4pm you can have it next day!)