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Feeling hot, hot, hot..


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Aqua flower print sarongAt last, the holiday season is here. How do you celebrate the sun being so close to us this time of year? Why going on holiday of course.

Now everyone knows that before a holiday, you always try to lose them few pounds you have put on around Christmas time. How many people achieve this? I know I am not one of them. So shopping for the new hot looks for the summer are never an option for me. Trawling through the shops the stick thin mannequins’ showing off a toned body modelling a bikini (which may as well be a piece of string holding up your breasts and a belt around your hips), makes me want to give up and stick to t-shirts and shorts around the pool or on the beach. Holiday shopping for me is a nightmare, i spend more time sweating and stressing trying to find something to wear than I do outside enjoying the sunshine.

Black & pink flower print swimsuit with tummy controlThen I found Yoursclothing. They have a great selection of swimwear and the accessories to make the outfit complete. I found that I can slip into a tankini which does not just cover my ‘curves’ but flaunts them in a way i never thought a woman of my size could achieve.

Sarongs which I can accessories with my swimwear to give me the casual look, not only as a skirt but also a fashionable neck dress. These sarongs are also a great way for me to cover up my lumps and bumps when i’m just lounging around the pool.

And don’t forget the most important summer accessory of all..sunglasses. Yoursclothing have a great selection of sunglasses. From the fashionable oversized ones to the aviator style which are available in fantastic bright colours, Yoursclothing can keep your peepers safe from the sun and looking great.

Black diamante oversized sunglassesPink neon aviator sunglasses

Beach bags, wedges, sandals, swimsuits, tankini’s, sarongs and sunglasses.. YoursClothing have everything that you need to make you feeling hot and looking fantastic these summer months so no excuses to shy away from the pool or beach.