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Yours comes to the rescue as research suggests 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra


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I saw an article recently about bra fitting and how as many as 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, now I know that I am very much included in this percentage.

Not only does my chest look ridiculous in ill fitting bras but I suffer as many do with poor posture and back ache.

Of course god blessed me with a rather large bust and though many see this as a blessing for me it is a curse.

Bra shopping is horrendous..walking the aisles of my favourite shops I see beautiful lacy, frilly coloured bras which surprise, surprise don’t look as if they would fit even half of me. So I decide to get measured I see the horror on the advisers face when she calls my number, I am then handed a large selection of bras ranging in sizes with one thing in common, plain, boring and not my age at all.

Now just because I’m plus size and have a large chest doesn’t mean I don’t want something a little special, something pretty to make me feel feminine.

I leave the high street deflated, and so decide retail therapy from home is the way to go. I love finding new stores online and so when surfing I stubble across Yours Clothing.

14-32 brilliant just what I need, I then see a lingerie section expecting more plain, boring bras I cannot believe my eyes, pinks, blues, purples, florals just what I was looking for.

I find a certain bra steals my eye -

Rose print moulded balconette bra with lace detail

Sizing is prefect, price unbelievable I can finally feel like Marilyn Monroe in feminine yet functional underwear. I then see matching briefs, throngs and been baby dolls.

Yours Clothing answered all my prayers in the bra department, my only problem now sizing, however as I scroll down the page I find a fab measurement guide, it shows where to measure and how to work out the size and cup size with photos to show each step, now no more embarrassment in department store changing rooms I have my very own personal shopper (me!)

After working out my size I go on a mad shopping spree, every bra brilliant, delivered quickly and fit – amazing.

Now I am no longer one of the 80% of women wearing the wrong bra and I will be singing Yours Clothings praise from the roof tops.

As for my back ache – gone and my posture I couldn’t be walking taller!