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Try Yellow For Summer


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You know that summer is well and truly on its way when the yellow clothing starts to make an appearance in the shops. Is it the fashion equivalent of a sun dance?

Many people are concerned about wearing yellow because if you get it wrong, you can look pale, unhealthy and washed out. If people ask if you are unwell, the chances are, you’ve chosen the wrong hue.

A basic rule of thumb for wearing yellow is that pale girls who probably have blonde hair and blue eyes can wear yellow and look stunning, they just need to stick to darker yellows such as mustards or muted yellows. Super-bright yellows and bright lemons are best left to girls with dark hair or darker complexions.

What colours can you wear yellow with? Black isn’t really very summery and can look harsh against a super-bright yellow top. Pair yellow items with white cropped trousers/shorts or opt for pale beiges or khaki if you are feeling creative.

So what have Yours Clothing got to offer in the way of summer yellows this May?

I recommend this yellow stud vest. It has a flattering scoop neck and it is the perfect length for summer i.e. the top isn’t so short you accidentally get sunburn on your back or hips! Not cool! The top also comes in black, white and purple so if this is a favourite of yours and you’re rocking the rock chick look this summer this fab studded top is one that you can afford to buy in more than one colour. At a purse-friendly price of £10 you can’t go wrong!

We have another great offer on which means you can inject more colour into this year’s summer wardrobe if you’re not feeling colourful enough already. This ribbed vest is part of our 2 for £10 deal (See above) We can’t say fairer than that!