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How do you dress for Christmas Dinner? Chic Vs Cosy


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It’s a pretty big thing choosing your outfit for Christmas day, but the real question is do you and your family dress up, or take the opportunity to chill out on the sofa and dress down? Then there’s the craze for the traditional Christmas jumper, which I have to admit is my personal favourite wardrobe option! Whether you stay at home with close family, go and visit relatives, or head to a pub for Christmas day, you always have the outfit dilemma in the morning! So I’ve picked out three outfit choices to fit every kind of Christmas dinner!


So do you like to have a cosy PJ day on Christmas day? To be honest I don’t blame you! What other day in the year can you do this completely guilt free? My favourite outfit for this chill out Christmas would have to be the classic onesie, the biggest nightwear trend around! Everyone’s wearing them, and why? Because they are SO comfy and warm! Then you must not forget a dressing gown to keep you extra snug in the evening, and the ultimate night time accessory: a hot water bottle. The perfect stocking filler that every girl needs!



Or do you like to dress up and dine on Christmas day? After all Christmas only comes once a year, and it’s sometimes the only time you get a chance to get together with all your friends and family. Why not celebrate in style? I’ve chosen this sophisticated paisley lace skater dress, a perfect shape to be able to eat as much as you like and still look fantastic in. Dress it up with this sparkly chunky statement necklace, and a pair of deco style drop earrings. Add this gorgeous animal print faux fur collar if your off out in the cold, to add a touch more of glamour.



Lastly are you a fan of the traditional Christmas jumper trend? Like I said, I am such a fan of a nice piece of chunky knitwear in the winter. The fact it’s Christmas related is a major bonus! Why not get into the full on festive spirit and dress casually in true Christmas style. This snowflake tunic is perfect for this, allowing you to wear leggings and not jeans, much more comfortable for sitting at the dinner table. It’s also perfect for a Christmas walk to blow those cobwebs away. Pair this with a nice warm duffle coat and some furry boots!