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Behind the scenes at Yours Clothing HQ Christmas has landed!


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This week Christmas seems to be in full swing at Yours Clothing. The Christmas music is on, all of our spirits are high and we’ve been shooting in true Christmas style. I don’t know about you but our Christmas party is getting nearer by the day and we’re all talking about what we will be wearing. Black dresses, skater dresses, red dresses, lace dresses… so many options! And the dress seemed to be the least of everyone’s worries, it’s what you dress it with that’s the worry! So in case you are as stuck for choice as we all are we decided to shoot some of our accessories in a festive fashion to inspire you all!

First stop was a garden to shoot our boots in an autumn winter style. Staring at the empty Garden as a team, we stood there and thought ‘where on earth do we start to transform this into an outdoorsy cold winter’s day’. We began by gathering just about everything in eyeshot, logs, leaves, branches and everything natural we could see! Soon it grew into a cute country style boot set! Once we had a few snaps we decided we needed a wintery hot drink to warm us all up before we started to re-arrange the set to shoot again. See our back stage pic’s below!


Second stop was at least a little warmer in our cosy studio at HQ. Once my hands warmed up I wrapped what felt like hundreds of presents for a festive present shoot. I don’t think I’ve ever sat and wrapped presents so perfectly before, checking every corner, ribbon and bow, I became somewhat protective over my precious presents by the end of the day! I know it may seem as if shooting a few shoes and some boxes should be easy, but let me tell you the lighting was so important, especially with my careful but shiny choices in wrapping paper. Piling presents high and choosing shoes, jewellery and bags perfect for all of your Christmas parties, we built our set and after a couple of hours had the perfect shots! I tell you what, I definitely don’t feel like wrapping my own presents with such perfection now, I feel as if I’ve done my fair share already now! Check out all the festive fun we had below!!


Check out the outcome below!