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What To Wear To A Wedding


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You’ve been invited to a friend or family’s wedding, the excitement is drawing in but then you think, what am i going to wear?

You want to be the best dressed guest – don’t we all, right? But you don’t want to over-do it. Is it formal, is it casual? Are you a day guest or an evening guest? There’s so many unwritten ‘rules’ when it comes to wedding guest dressing, so to make it a little clearer, we’ve rounded up some basic do’s and don’ts of what to wear to a wedding.

1. Dresses are your best friend

You literally can’t go wrong with a dress as a wedding guest, plus there are so many options so why wouldn’t you?! But how do you choose the right wedding guest dress? We’ve got a few things you can consider:

  • Elegance is key – You’re going to be in photographs that will be around forever, so you need to choose a timeless outfit you’ll be happy to look back on.
  • Make sure you’re comfortable – You’re going to be in this outfit all day, make sure it’s one that you’ll feel comfortable in, even after the sit down meal!
  • Think about the colour – Is it a summer or a winter wedding? This can help determine if you want a darker or lighter colour palette. And what colour are the bridesmaids wearing? Make sure to find a colour scheme different to theirs.
  • The length is important – Opt for a dress knee length or longer, these styles are always a wedding winner. Super elegant and floaty, they ooze elegance. – just what we want.
  • Avoid plain white – White with print or splashes of colour = fine. Plain white = nope.
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2. Find out the dress code

What kind of wedding is it, are you a day guest or an evening guest? Is it formal or not? Knowing the dress code of the wedding you’re attending is crucial. What you’d wear to the evening isn’t always what you’d wear during the day and vice versa.

What Should a Day Guest Wear?

If you’re a day guest at the wedding, this calls for maximum elegance. Think colourful outfits (bold or pastel) like dresses or two pieces rounded off with heels or flats – whichever you find most comfortable (since you’ll be in them all day!)

  • Floral dresses are always a winner – They are light, floaty and feminine. Plus, they come in so many shades so you’re bound to find a floral dress that suits you.
  • Smart Trousers & Blouses – Dresses not your thing? Why not try a smart trouser and blouse combo. Still super elegant and smart enough for a wedding – just pick light colours or navy.
  • Choose footwear wisely – Heels v sandals v flats. Your footwear is the finishing touch to your outfit and almost as important as the main piece. Whether it’s a pair of heels or flats, make sure they’re a pair you can stand in all day.
  • Don’t forget a cover-up – Whether it’s a light shrug, a blazer or a jacket, make sure to keep a layer close to hand ready for any unpredictable weather.

What Do You Wear To An Evening Reception?

The evening reception is the most relaxed part of the day, it’s the time that everyone lets their hair down and celebrates the day properly. It’s time to swap those heels for a pair of flats and dance the night away! Not sure what to wear? Here are our tips:

  • Go all out party – Think lace dresses, bold prints and sparkling jewellery for added glam – but remember not to go overboard, it’s still a wedding, not a night out.
  • You can wear black – the ‘no black allowed’ rule no longer stands. Whether it’s a black dress or two piece, wear it! And if you want a bit of colour, just jazz it up with coloured accessories. Easy.
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3. What Should The Mother Of Wear?

Outfits For The Mother Of The Bride/Groom

You’re up there as one of the most important guests on the day, which means you need an outfit that makes you feel special – an outfit that you’ll remember forever. Traditionally, the mother of the bride picks the out her dress first and the mother of the groom chooses something to tie in with that. The colours are usually in theme with the bridal party, a colour that complements but not necessarily the same.

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4. Don’t Forget To Accessorise

Don’t forget the finishing touches – elegant clutches, sparkling jewellery and killer shoes to complete the all important outfit. Shop here.

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