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Shapewear Calculations


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Hi everybody! Hope you’re having a great week – it’s just flown by hasn’t it? Yours have made the weekend that little bit sweeter, too, by having yet another three tier offer. Our last one was so popular that we’ve brought it back again! Here’s what you can save and how to do it:
  • Save £2.50 on non-sale orders over £35 with the checkout code TWO
  • Save £5 on non-sale orders over £50 with the checkout code FIVE
  • Save £10 on non-sale orders over £75 with the checkout code TEN
Enter them at the checkout, and you’re done! Now on to today’s blog topic: shapewear!
Shapewear is an essential part of a Yours customer’s wardrobe and a favourite of style gurus such as Gok Wan and Trinny & Susannah. The aim of shapewear is to smooth and hold the body tightly, resulting in a smooth, lump’n'bump free silhouette. Shapewear can give confidence to even the most insecure of women, meaning they can feel and look fantastic no matter the occasion.
Some shapewear brand names charge as much for a pair of slimming knickers as we do for a dress, so here at Yours our range of shapewear manages to sculpt and control but at a price that’s still friendly to you! 
But what garments are best for you? And what type of shapewear goes best with which garments? Well, I’ve dug around and come up with a few combinations that I think would work very well, whether for evenings or casual wear!

As lovely as our lace gaga sleeve dress is, it can be quite daunting – a tunic shape, and stretchy to boot! For this, our high waisted, long length shorts are a perfect option. The high waist means your stomach and waist will look flatter, your bum smoother and more pert, and the length means the tops of your thighs will also be smoother. And with the delicate floral print, it looks just as good when the party’s over and the dress comes off! ;)

We’ve got a range of brightly coloured leggings available online and in store at the moment, including on-trend mustard. But lighter colours can be scary if you feel they will show up things you’d prefer to hide, such as cellulite or any extra fat. Wearing the nude version of our floral shorts should eliminate some of this worry, by smoothing and controlling the tops of your thighs so you can strut around with confidence!

As with the black lace dress, this gorgeously bright multi colour tunic is made of jersey, so will fit close to the body which I know is a frightening prospect! Our sculpting skirt sits high on the waist, nipping it in, and flattens the stomach minimising the overhang (don’t worry, we all get it!) leading to a much smaller silhouette, and leaving you confident and able to turn heads for the right reasons!

There’s nothing worse than a dress with a defined waist when you don’t have one. But if you’re an apple, then you CAN rock a dress like this with the added help of our waist cincher. Acting similar to a corset but much more comfortable, it is lined with power mesh and bones to create an hourglass shape underneath.
Well I hope you enjoyed this post, ladies! Of course, shapewear is completely optional and there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with your bodies – but I know a lot of you feel more confident with them, so hopefully this helps somewhat. Do let me know what you think!
Have a fantastic weekend,
Lauren xx