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No VPL Knickers!


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Hi Ladies!

Brand new flattering knickers in stock!

Underwear is so important for a plus size woman, any woman for that fact. A smoother pair of knickers and bra will make an outfit look a hundred times better. Make sure you wear underwear that flatters your body and the correct size, underwear that digs in can spoil your perfect new party dress!

These no VPL lace waist briefs, are perfect for smoothing out your curves and avoiding that unattractive visible pant line! These comfortable knickers do not ride up. The lace along the waist makes them pretty, rather than an ugly pair of knickers doing a great job under your clothes, it’s the best of both worlds! These knickers come in four different colours, look out in the autumn when we will have more styles coming in. With the knickers being at £6 each and three for £12 they are a steal! Take a look here to purchase your own!

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Hope you have a great weekend ladies!

Love Rebecca