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Lovely In Lace!


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lace lace

I am loving the lace trend that is hitting our high streets this Autumn its super feminine and sophisticated and very easy to wear!

Some of our must love celebs including Taylor Swift and Liz Tyler have been seen rocking this gorgeous trend and I want in!

Whether you are going full on with a lace dress or teaming an outfit with some cute lace tights, lace is hot this season.

Now as I’m sure you all know by now, I am rubbish at shopping, just thinking about going into a changing room gives me a chill up my back. This is why I love online shopping, the experience is made 10 times better by the fact that I have my favourite site that never lets me down, if anyone can help me in my quest to be lovely in lace its gonna be Yours Clothing…and right I was!

I head straight for the trends section and I am transformed to a world of lace delight.

I straight away spot a gorgeous Purple Chiffon Swing Tunic With Lace Contrast not only is the colour the season, purple is the new black dont you know but it is the ideally length for me as I suffer like many ladies do with the dreaded thunder thighs! At 104 cm long I can cover those bad boys up :-) I know just the occasion, as all of my family decided to be born in October and November I am always on the hunt for outfits! Teamed with some black tights and some cheeky heels thats mums birthday meal sorted!

purple dress

Now my soon to be sis in laws birthday…l’m thinking Eyelash Lace Yoke Swing Top with a Black Lace Edge To Edge Jacket, I love this look as its very sexy and sophisticated but with jeans it adds a slight casual element to the outfit. The Jacket is perfect for covering up my lovely bingo wings :-)

lace top

My last outfit for the October occasion fest is the GORGEOUS Black And Silver Lace 2 In 1 Skater Dress this is for my grandparents 55th wedding anniversary surprise party…and I’m so excited to wear. I would add some thick tights, heels and a pretty cardigan and I’m ready go.

lace skater dress

After all this shopping I am still full of beans instead of my normal feeling of having the life sucked out of me, I feel excited for my package to arrive as I know I wont be disappointed or have to return anything (I never have to!)

Yours Clothing have saved my fashion life again :-) and I will truly look lovely in lace!