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How we fit and flatter your curves


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At Yours Clothing, our motto is to “Fit and Flatter” we ensure that we do this with our clothing by using “fit models”. Our fit models, are two women who are a size 18 and size 24 (Leslie and Mandy), and we use them to fit any new clothing we are buying in order to check proportions of our garments on bodies as we know that comfort is key to our customer.

fit model shoot 89204

Our fit models come in up to three times a week and we fit items up to 8 months ahead. Our garment technician, Tanya, fits every item of clothing, lingerie, shoes and accessories. In addition to fitting the items, Leslie and Mandy do “Wearer trials”, to ensure the customer receives maximum comfort from our clothing. Our fit models mimic driving positions to ensure the item gets checked for comfort and knickers are worn for a 24 hour period to ensure they are comfortable and don’t ride up. We ensure our garments are worn and fitted so as not to irritate the skin, and all fabrics & dyes used comply with current European Legislation.

Tanya measuring Mandy

By doing this, we have solved many fit problems with our clothing. Want to see how we have solved problems using fit models? Have a look at our brand new Fit and Flatter page!