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Funky Florals


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Its that time of year once again the sun is shining and every one is inviting you round for barbecues.

Suddenly you get a feeling of dread and your tummy starts to do somersaults….what do I wear? You frantically search through the wardrobe..comfortable, stylish you remember a dress or top you maybe wore last year, where is it? Will it still fit? Exhausted you give up the search your mountain of clothes that is now spread across the floor now you have a mess and nothing to wear.

Fear not as I have the answers to your summertime blues, when the sun is shining I can think of one trend that will never let you down…FLORALS now where from I hear you ask fear not I also have this covered why Yours Clothing of course!

Whatever your shape or size florals are a must have for summer 2013.

The great thing about florals is you can do as little or as much as you want whether it is a Black Floral Shopper Bag or Navy And Purple Floral Print Dress you can mix and match.

Adding a belt into the mix will give you the much desired hourglass shape.

Butterfly Belt Adding this Waist Belt With Butterfly Buckle pulls you in at your waist and goes great with the flower detail.

So whist the sun is shining and the sausages are sizzling strut your stuff in some funky florals this summer.