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Dress to Impress!


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New Year, new job? If you need to update your wardrobe to include interview-suitable clothing, Yours Clothing can help you find something to wow potential employers no matter what your style or your size. Not all interviewers expect people to wear suits today, particularly if you are looking to work in creative industries but that doesn’t mean you can’t show off your personality in your clothes, you just need to incorporate corporate glamour!

I’ve picked out this fantastic pencil skirt. It enhances a really womanly shape and complements any figure, cut to the knee, it will show off shapely calves and flatter most legs. Wear it with a ‘block coloured’ top and a jacket/blazer if you’re looking to impress or a short cardigan if you have been asked to dress down for the occasion.

Purple really is the colour of the season, so if you’re wearing a dark suit, this purple satin blouse is a fantastic item to wear underneath. If you are wearing a skirt, you could wear the black version of this satin top with a red vest underneath to be more striking.

We have several “Russell Collection” blouses in stock, some of which have been reduced from £29.99 to a tiny £9. This light pink number would sit nicely under a black scoop neck jumper. All are machine washable and hugely versatile once you get the job! When it comes to interview attire, don’t forget your jewellery. Keep it simple with either earrings or a necklace as both can be over-powering. Let your clothes enhance your talking and let us know if Yours Clothing helped you dress for success