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Celebrity Look: Jessica Szohr


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Hey everyone! It’s been lovely to see your feedback on both my outfits and the outfits I posted yesterday. It’s nice to know there are some super confident ladies among our customers!

Those of you who are no shrinking violets will love this week’s celebrity inspired look, based on Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr at the recent MTV Movie Awards. She certainly stood out in her loud and proud jumpsuit – and if you thought us plus size women couldn’t steal her look… Think again! Yours have the perfect jumpsuit that is as eye catching and flattering as Szhor’s, and available up to size 28!

For our version, we’ve got our stunning Limited Collection leaf print jumpsuit, £35, teamed with our black wedge sandals, £20 and a hot pink wooden bead necklace, £6. If you want a gold clutch like Jessica, we have one of those too!
What do think peeps? Are there any other celebs you’d love to see featured on the blog? Let me know! You can comment here on the blog, or via twitter or facebook. Can’t wait to hear from you!
Lots of love,
Lauren xx