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Zoe’s view on plus size clothes shopping


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We love to hear from all of you, when we were sent this blog from Zoe we just thought we had to share it!
I am not a small girl and I often find it hard to find bigger clothes in high street shops. Some shops sell up to a size 18, and that’s fine for me being a size 16/18 but for other bigger women it’s still a problem. The one thing that really does bug me is shops that do have a range for plus size women but all of the clothes they sell are horrible baggy, badly fitted items. Massive plain t-shirts, straight leg jeans, dresses with no shape to them!  Just because a women is considered “plus size” doesn’t mean she wants to wear horrible plain unflattering clothing! Every women has a different body shape and certain styles suit different women. Just like smaller people, us size 16 plus girls need well fitted clothes too! High street plus size clothes just don’t seem to have a wide enough range (no pun intended!).

A couple of years ago I was looking for a dress to wear for my cousin’s wedding and I came across the yours clothing website. Instead of finding the usual boring range of plus size dresses I found they had all sorts of different styles that actually suited me, and emphasised my curves, whilst hiding the bits I’d prefer to hide. “Hooray!” I thought “Finally there is a company who provides gorgeous clothes for size 16 plus!”  I love Yours because they are stylish, you can still look fashionable despite not being a size 8. They also have clothes for everyone from 18 to 80, there is something to suit every taste. They ignore the assumption that a plus size women cannot look good. Whatever shape you are there is something to suit you. So if you are worried about your bum looking “big in this” , or your tummy sticking out to much, there is something there that will hide the parts you hate and flaunt the parts you love! Or if you want to go out and wear a pair of skinny jeans you can! Instead of hiding behind a baggy black t-shirts you can look amazing and be proud of who you are. Other high street stores take note. 

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