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Yours Clothing at Plus London!


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Check me out, beaming with my Yours garb! Photo courtesy of Ellie.

Hey everyone, hope you’re all having a fab Friday!

As you might know, as well as blogging for Yours Clothing I also have my own personal fashion blog, Pocket Rocket. The plus size fashion blogging community is so lovely and friendly, so this Saturday a few of us partied at Plus London, which I organised with the help of other bloggers, my friends – and my parents!

As I’ve since started working for Yours in my perfect job it was only natural that they got involved with the event, sponsoring the venue, donating beautiful scarves for the guests’ goodie bags, and showcasing some of their summer collection. It was also really cool to see some bloggers looking amazing in Yours’ very own designs! Here are some pictures…

Nefferth took this picture of bloggers Beth, Katrin and Devon, and Katrin is wearing our on-trend sheer black blouse during the day. How cool does she look?

Photo courtesy of Donna

A very unflattering photo of me in Yours’ peter-pan collar dress which I love to bits and wore during the day. That’s Messy Carla to my left.

Photo courtesy of Val

A selection of Yours items, including 70s dresses, biker jeggings, chiffon tunics, and sheer shirts which the guests all loved.

Photo courtesy of Carla

Katrin styled her velvet tunic in a way I’d never have imagined! She is a punk rock fairy!

Photo courtesy of Carla

Isn’t this photo of Beth and Katrin just wonderful?

Photo courtesy of Morgaine

Here’s Theresa styling her Yours scarf on the night… it’s a look.

Naomi loved her scarf and wore it to work this week, where everyone asked her where it was from!

So much style inspiration! It’s so wonderful to see women being adventurous and daring with their clothes while plus size – and it’s such an honour that they look to Yours Clothing to help them do that. Thanks so much, ladies!

Next week I’ll be blogging about our summer press launch, which was so much fun! Remember in the meantime you can comment here, tweet me or get in touch via Facebook.
Have a wonderful weekend guys!
Lauren xx