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What Yours Are About: Great Fashion, Great Prices


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Hi everyone! How are we all? Have you treated your loved one (that’s including yourself) to one of our Valentines gifts yet? Only a few days to go…

I’d like to give you a little background info on Yours Clothing, and what we’re all about. As you hopefully already know, Yours are dedicated to bringing women over a size 16 the latest fashions in a great quality. We know that the high street can feel alienating sometimes, so want to make sure those of you who may be larger – but still want to look and feel great – are catered for. But we also have another huge focus: our willingness to bring you these fashionable, good quality clothes for a great price. A lot of shops seem happy to force customers to pay extra for clothes in larger sizes, and we disagree! Why should you pay more for clothes that aren’t always flattering or fashionable?

To that end, we’ve done a little digging from our competitors, and seen that it’s working – check out the price differences!

Our super trendy bohemian tassle bag is less than half the price of Topshop’s version.

Our beautiful animal print maxi will be great for the summer, and is also less than half the price of its closest rival!

Our new prim & proper, two-tone tea-dress is available for a little less at Yours.

A gorgeous black check shirt with military detail? Our version has all the quality and style, with a more appetising price tag!

A few marginal differences style wise, but you save £7 on our waterfall cardi!

A similar aesthetic but a dissimilar price – our slinky black satin tunic can turn heads for a lot less.

These lovely taupe tunics look alike but if you want something style yet on a small budget, you can go wrong with our voluminous sleeve top.

So there you have it! We do our best to bring you gorgeous clothes that fit and flatter all plus sized women without having to charge the earth for it. What do you think, peeps?

Lots of love!

Lauren xx

Many thanks to Ragini for providing the graphics!