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What to wear to a Spring wedding


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We’re coming up to that magical time of year – wedding season. It’s an incredibly exciting time for the happy couple but a nightmare for guests who really don’t know what to wear. Traditionally, guests are meant to avoid wearing black (it indicates you disapprove of the nuptials) and obviously avoid white and off-white shades like cream, ecru etc as it may be seen as you trying to upstage the bride.

Also, some people suggest avoiding wearing red as they think it mocks the bride’s honour and says that you dispute the bride’s right to wear white! However, in this day and age, this is a pretty old idea but to be on the safe side, if you know the bride you should probably try and discuss your outfit. After all, she’ll probably be pleased that you want to look nice in her wedding photos.

So here are my top picks for guests who are racking their brains about what to wear to spring weddings.

This magenta mesh dress is a fantastic find for wedding guests. Flirty and girlie, our customers have already started ordering this dress for weddings and with a five star customer rating already, if you want to get your hands on this dress you will need to get in there quickly before we run out of stock. We also have it in peacock blue (in the sale at £10!) but only in a size 24. If you’re lucky enough to be that size then it must be fate and the dress is meant to be Yours! Is your favourite colour purple? Pick up a similar dress in purple and wow your friends.

Going for something a bit funkier? Take a look at this zebra print dress – but bear in mind, sizes are limited but you can send an email requesting a reminder for when we get things back in stock.

Layer up with this ruched back asymmetrical cardi. Just because the sun is shining this March/April it doesn’t mean the temperature gauge is showing results over 10oc! If purple doesn’t match your chosen outfit, we sell this little gem in black too. Customer reviews have been very positive with most very happy with the feel of the material – very important if you’re wearing a strapless number and have bare shoulders!

Now all that’s left to deliberate is how to catch that bouquet!