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Uxbridge Opening! Guest Blogger – Mookie


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Hello everyone! This is Mookie from

A couple of weeks ago I’d kindly been asked by Yours Clothing if I would like to attend the grand store opening of their shop in Uxbridge. I said yes… of course! It sounded like so much fun.

Since my friend Marianne was visiting me from Norway I decided to bring her along with me to experience the excitement.

Mariane and I approached the shop and our eyes were met by a queue of excitable women outside the shop, eagerly awaiting the shutters to rise.


We walked up to the soon to be open shop and were exclusively let in, once I explained I was blogging the event. I was immediately distracted by the beautiful shop in front of me, so bright and spacious, completely brimmed full of lots and lots of pink balloons.


I was greeted by the lovely Uxbridge store manager, Catherine. She explained that all the staff were feeling enthusiastic about the opening and that they had been extremely busy, but everything was ready to go.

I returned back outside the store and began mingling and socialising with the customers who were patiently waiting. Ann-Marie, who was the first lady in the queue, had actually been waiting since eight o’clock (whilst on crutches I may add) and it was now past ten o’clock. That is dedication!


Everyone I spoke to said how thrilled they were that Yours Clothing had opened in Uxbridge as before they’d been travelling all the way to their nearest store in Watford, twenty miles away. Find your nearest store here.

Fiona Falkiner, the current face of Yours Clothing was also at the anticipated store opening. She handed out goodie bags, discount vouchers, bubbly and sweets. She was so stunning and I understand exactly why she is the face of their brand.


Anne-Marie who’d been queueing for some hours was deservedly given the honour of cutting the ribbon, officially declaring the store open for business and ready for action.


The shop immediately transformed from a deserted, quiet environment to a busy, bubbly hive of activity. It was completely full of smiling, happy people. I integrated into the keen shop-goers and discovered the general consensus was positive. Everyone thought that the new collection was stunning, colourful and most importantly flattering for the curvier woman.

(Winner of £50 gift voucher!!)


The fitting rooms were really nicely decorated and looked fresh. On the walls there was a unique feature of a button, which if you pressed told you how gorgeous you looked. This was such a fun little surprise and something everyone wants to hear.

The queues to pay were long at times, however no one was complaining as they stood with new clothes to take home to their wardrobes. All I could see were smiles everywhere. The staff informed me on how much fun they’d had and how happy they were to be finally open.

I think some of the photos I took on the day tell you more than I could ever write. It was such an enjoyable experience and I even made a couple of new friends which was great.

Xxx Mookie