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The Wedding Guest…


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So this weekend I attended my first wedding of the year! It’s official, spring is here and so is the wedding season. I don’t know about you but I love a good wedding. I love the dresses, the champers, the love, the fun, the speeches, the dancing… I love everything about them. However, I have to admit finding the right outfit isn’t always an easy task. Personally I go by a few rules when choosing an outfit for a Wedding.

Rule 1- Make sure you’re comfortable! This probably the most important rule. Weddings, whether you go to the full day or just the reception, are very tiring. You have to pick a dress that will be comfy all the way through, from sitting in a church, eating a three course meal, right through to dancing all night long. Shoes also come into this; heels make your legs look longer and flatter your shape but can be painful. If you’re anything like me they always end up off by the time it comes round to dancing. Find a good pair of heels, practice walking and wear them in. A mid heel or a wedge is perfect. If you have space in your bag, or take a car with you, pop a pair of nice flats in- sometimes this can be your saviour in the evening!


Left to right: Nude peep toe wedge 48346, Black lazer cut wedge 48343, Floral peep toe wedge 48347, Nude pink lazer cut wedge 48344.

Rule 2- The season! The season completely determines what you are going to wear. If it’s a spring wedding you can wear a short dress but April weddings usually mean a skin colour tight to ensure you’re still warm. You also have to think about a light jacket to go with your outfit. Scarves can be perfect for this job as they protect you from wind and sun, are lightweight and easy to carry. For summer weddings you don’t usually have to think about jackets or tights, just about whether you are going to wear a maxi, midi or short number! And the bonus is you have so much more choice when it comes to shoes; think about a peep toe or sandals!


Midi dresses left to right: Pastel Floral Dress 48805, Blue And White Stripe Dress 48679, Black And Pastel Floral Dress 48930, Black And White Monochrome Dress 48678.


Maxi dresses left to right: Red and Black Floral Dress 48688, Blue Stripe Floral Dress 48828, Grey Floral Dress 49502, Black Feather Print Dress 48832.

Rule 3- The type of wedding! It obviously depends on how formal your wedding is. The wedding we went to at the weekend was quite formal so we had to ensure we looked the part for this. Whereas my own wedding was quite casual and my husband was wearing a checked shirt! You can usually judge this on the venue: if it’s in a field you know to chuck in your wellies just in case, and if it’s a stately home style wedding you know to jazz it up a bit more.


Rule 4- The colour. Colour is a big thing as well; making sure you don’t clash with the wedding colours if you’re close to the bride or groom (it won’t look good in photos). Or if you’re just a general guest ensure you wear the latest colour or print. Mint greens, china blues and fuchsia pinks are perfect colours this spring summer. The pastel trend that is so popular at the moment will also translate into wedding attire. Floral is a perfect print for a wedding, it never goes out of fashion so you can re wear this over and over, and its pretty so you will always fit it!


Midi dresses left to right: Mint Dress 49337, Blue Body Con Floral 48833, Tropical Floral Skater Dress 49063, Nude pink skater dress 49060.

Rule 5- Always go prepared. Preparation for a wedding is key, ensuring you have a card, present and also a nice a nice bag to match your outfit, and big enough to fit in the essential phone, lippy, and tissues (I always have a few tears at a wedding). Jewellery is also something people forget- this can make an outfit. Remember to make sure you have a brolly in case of rain! And a spare pair of tights, just in case of a ladder!


Accessories from left to right: Bead Necklace 48642, Green Bag 48374, Diamanté Necklace 48622, Earrings 48580.

The perfect outfit really depends on all of the above. But as long as you feel confident in what you are wearing you will look great! Happy Weddings!