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The modern world of dating…


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From a young age we’re all led to believe that falling in love is a fairy-tale process and Prince Charming will simply fall at your feet with the help of a fairy godmother.

As we grow, we listen to our Grandparents tales of walking two miles to the nearest phone box hoping the other will be at the other end of the line. Or how they sat hand-in-hand watching the 1942 Casablanca before setting up picnic under the stars… v

Our early teenage years were still subtlety romantic – sending cupid (aka the best friend) across the playground to ask the young hopeful his availability to be your park date. The writing of notes under the desk during science lessons or the picking of a daisy deciding whether it was to be or not to be…

Those. Were. The. Days.

Your most recent birthday was spent counting how many ‘friends’ wrote on your wall or how many photo-collages your besties created of you. Your snapchat is a shrine filled with presents and your mobile has more buzz than a gossip column in The Sun.

Your world starts to turn introvert and focus turns to what exists behind a screen instead of what exists in the world. Welcome to the 21st century.

A generation where beauty is shadowed by an app filter and your personality is judged by a single sentence bio. A generation in which a relationship can end at the click of a button and your self- worth is judged by the amount of likes on your profile picture.

d Queue the birth of online dating…

A guaranteed approach to securing a date. It minimises the risk of first date cringes and allows you to be meticulous when picking your match. The speed and convenience is seamless for our fast pace of life.

The 2D reality makes it much easier to bail or quickly remove the other person from your life due to the absence of emotional ties. It’s also great for people who lack confidence to forge a relationship without facing daunting reality.

What gets lost along the way is the ‘human’ touch, the realism and the personalisation. The feeling of being committed to a relationship and the genuine feelings of a first date– not to mention increasing unrealistic expectations.

What you gain is a quick fix, practical solution to finding a partner –that saves you from walking two miles to a phone box or writing an A4 love letter. The days of courtship seem a distant memory and it’s becoming abnormal to hear of a man who has traditional values and of whom adopts a ‘gentleman’ persona.s

Is this a result of evolution through technology and the growth of online dating? Are you a traditionalist or are you all for the new?

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