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Test A Tattoo


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Tattoos are with you for life and become a part of who you are, so inevitably this is what you’re thinking before inking…

  1. Should I get a tattoo?
  2. What tattoo should I get?

Well, fear not! Yours Clothing have launched a tattoo tester that is an online tattoo design app allowing you to trial a tattoo before you commit… to having it legit!

Simply upload a photo of the body part you wish to trial your tattoo on and choose from an array of images/ text to create your design. (Here are some we made earlier)


Test a tattoo is a quick and easy way to gain a temporary tattoo, but it is also a great tool to have a little fun…

We’ve turned Hillary Clinton into a fan of Donald Trump, helped Brad Pitt to publicly declare his love for Jennifer Aniston and let Prince Harry go ghetto on his Gran!


All in all, Tattoo tester is perfect for genuinely trialing a tattoo but also for creating lighthearted entertainment. Could this be the next meme generator…

Use #yourstattoo to showcase your designs!