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Tall Girl Problems


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Being a plus size fashion brand, we have many customers who are taller than most. We asked our ‘Tall’ blogger Violet to give us the down-low on how her height affects her fashion…

I’m proud of being tall, it’s great at a concert to be able to see wherever you’re stood. But I haven’t always felt like this and there are certainly downsides to being amazonian. Y’all should firstly know that umbrellas are the enemy!

Clothing for us leggy gals have certainly improved throughout the last few years but here for you, I lay out (and let loose my vulnerable inner thoughts) on the flaws with items for us tallies.

Maxi Dresses

Now ya’ll know I’m the a big lover of Maxi Dresses– firstly I feel awesome in them and secondly they remind me of summer. But, they come with a price. Whilst I have the odd one that fits PERFECTLY most maxi dresses touch mid calf and tbh it’s not chill. I’d just like to glide across the floor like the elegant ladies on tv.

Sleeve lengths

I DO NOT WANT 3/4 LENGTH SLEEVES! Please take into account some of us have longer limbs and therefore need a tad more length on our fabric to accommodate this. I find myself pushing them up slightly to make it look like I’ve gone for that look on ‘purpose’ *rolls eyes*.


Now whilst some brands have perfectly accomplished the way to design jeans that fit my belly, legs and bum.. others are yet to learn. If you’ve ever wondered why I roll up the bottom of my jeans it’s because they’re not long enough. Yes I buy the long leg, I opt for the 32″ but then find something odd is going on around the crotch area and I either end up with Harem trousers or the ever dreaded camel toe from pulling them up to my bra line. TMI Violet I know. I’ve found jeggings in the right length seem to be the answer to this ever confusing puzzle.

Tops being just abit too short

Whilst I couldn’t care if I have my tummy out for the world to see, sometimes there are situations it is preferable to be covered. Work for example. Too often do I find myself yawning/stretching and see shocked faces throughout the office cause I’ve exposed my bra. Please make tops a little longer- many of us have long torsos.


With taller people comes the general assumption of bigger feet. Whilst this is often correct shoes above a size 8 seem to be less stylish and more clownish. I admit brands have been improving this in the past year and I look forward to more choice.

Can you empathize with Violet? Do you experience similar issues? We would love you to get in touch!