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#TakeThePledge – Meet Hollie


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Yours Clothing have created a body positive campaign through the form of life drawing to encourage women to love themselves regardless of their shape or size.

Yours Clothing utilised relatable plus-sized bloggers to influence their customers to love who they are and to reinforce that there is no wrong way to have a body.

In the campaign, the bloggers share their heartfelt experiences they have had as a result of being plus-sized. They take us on their journeys of self-love and by participating as the models in a life-drawing class, they intend to inspire women to love every inch of themselves too.

We asked Hollie Burgess (Pretty Big Butterflies) to answer a few questions from why she took part in the campaign to how she felt afterwards.

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What was your first impression of the project when you got told about it?

I was a bit apprehensive. I asked myself lots of questions… like WHY would I put myself in a situation that might make me feel uncomfortable? Why step outside of my comfort zone? I wasn’t ready to jump on board straight away!

Why did you decide to take part in the Life Drawing project?

After having my son, I felt differently about my body and it’s shape. I’d lost a bit of confidence and it was irritating me. I decided that I needed to embrace who I was again and realise that it’s OK for me to be me. It was a way of stepping outside of my comfort zone in order for me to feel comfortable in my skin again. Because the world doesn’t end when you have your legs, arms or belly on show.

How did you feel after completing the project?

I was really pleased I did it. I didnt feel phased at all. I realised I was still my confidence self but I just needed to test it. I felt like my body was seen differently by all the artists and that’s actually a good thing. I couldn’t hide behind anything. My body was seen and drawn as it was, not to be flattered or polishes, but just as seen. It wasn’t horrendous. Some of the images were actually pretty beautiful. I had a sense of achievement and empowerment. My body is my body and I’m allowed to love it the way it is.

What would you say to someone who is feeling insecure about their body?

The one thing I would say is that it’s OK to be you. You’re allowed to take up space, feel beautiful and be confident. Believe in yourself, give yourself a break and remember that you only live once. Enjoy your life right now, take those little risks and go outside of your comfort zone. Don’t wait until your body looks different, do it now! If you start to love yourself, slowly, you’ll realise you’re beautiful the way you are.

Are there any other comments you wish to make?

I think it’s great Your’s Clothing are focusing on body positivity at the start of the new year, rather than the usual, new year new me stuff. It’s refreshing for a brand to say, hold on, you can love yourself NOW! Not later! I’m super happy to be a part of the campaign.

See the full #TakeThePledge campaign by clicking the link below: