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Stylists Tips


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Hi Ladies, It’s the Yours Clothing Stylist again.


I thought today I could give you a few hot stylist tips, answer questions that get asked over and over again and brighten up your day with a confidence boost. There is no reason why curvy women can’t dress in fashionable clothing!


1. Dress for your shape. We all have parts of our body we don’t feel as comfortable with or like so accentuate the areas you do! If you don’t like your arms knitted shrugs are a fantastic spring cover up and you can still wear those lovely maxis. Pull in your waistline to create a gorgeous hour glass figure with skater skirts or if they aren’t for you a waist belt can do the same job. Tuck in those tops to show off your curves.


2. Accessorise. Jewellery completes an outfit and can make a plain outfit look very stylish. A statement piece can also distract from areas you are not a fan of.



3. Be brave and try something new. Try on items you wouldn’t naturally choose. When I take my mum shopping I pull out things and she thinks they are crazy, but then puts them on and realises she looks great in them! Take a friend with you for confidence and they will always tell you the truth.


4. Underwear is essential. Don’t be afraid of those tight fitting and clingy dresses just ensure you have the right underwear on. Shape wear is great for all the bodycon styles on the highstreet at the moment, it will smooth out any unwanted lumps and bumps and keep you feeling fab.



5. Colours of the rainbow. If you have an area on your body that you want to draw attention away from bold prints or block colours on the other half is great at doing this. And good news bold prints and colour blocking is all very high on the trend list!!


The main thing is to be happy with your body, and embrace it. Wear what you want and what YOU think looks good. Fashion is about confidence, if someone looks confident in what they wear then everyone else will believe in that outfit!! Show off them curves and be proud of them.