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Style doesn’t fade with age


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Hey, Violet here from I Am No Shrinking Violet. I’m taking over the YC blog to do a post on my absolutely GORGEOUS mum.


My mum is a huge inspiration to me. Whenever I felt low in my life she has always pulled me up and put me back to together. So now that I’m expecting one of my own and hope to do the same for them, I’d like to take a moment to say thank you Mum. If you have had anyone special in your life that you have lent on in hard times you’ll know how great it feels to be able to say thank you in a special way. Whilst my mum is a size 18 she has been somewhat uncomfortable with how she looks and I’ve always struggled to understand why. She is FABULOUS. We picked out an outfit together from Yours Clothing and I asked if I could photograph her for a blog piece. Although my mama ain’t no model, she works the outfit and I’m currently starting a campaign for her to get her own blog going.


As she’s always been a bit of a magpie, being attracted to any sparkly things we found this Black Embroidered & Beaded top on the website and instantly clicked ‘add to cart’. This top is perfect for your holidays, or even wearing over a pair of leggings for a few casual drinks. My mum is wearing a size 18 here and said for comfort she would probably go for a size 20 in future as it’s a little snugger than she’d prefer. The bag and heels are great additions to the outfit adding yet a bit more sparkle. The bag can also be worn on a loose chain, you don’t need to keep it as a clutch. All in all, I think you’ll agree that my mum looks gorgeous and that’s a genuine smile.




So thank you mum, you are a star.

P.s. please model for me more often.

Lots of love, Violet x