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Store staff share the love and the mystery man from Valentines Day


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So Valentine’s Day has been and gone, and whether you spent it with a loved one, your family, best friends or simply enjoyed some ‘me time’ we hope you enjoyed it.

Here at Yours Clothing HQ we had the chance to read all of the lovely comments and stories that came flooding in from not only our customers but from our store staff too… and I had to share a couple of very special ones with you all:


It all started on the Saturday before Valentine’s Day when one of the store girls was tidying up to close for the day and she noticed something that made her stop and stare. A young man in the window of the toy store across the road was dancing which of course caught Karen’s attention. As the mystery man turned around, he looked straight at Karen, started to laugh and confidently continued to dance whilst making hand signals at her. Our colleague instantly felt embarrassed as he was young enough to be her son! Karen giggled whilst locking the door and walking away thinking no more of the bizarre situation.

Valentine’s Day soon came around and on Tuesday evening Karen was working late with the deputy manager. As Karen was just about to lock up for the day, the mystery man from the toy store came running over with a chocolate heart lollipop in hand.

“I’ve been waiting to see you all day” the young man said with a look of excitement on his face.

Karen instantly blushed and became speechless (which apparently is very unusual for her) and as she took the chocolate love-heart from the young man he said, “I just wanted to give you this to make your Valentines” and with a smile, he ran back across the road, leaving Karen standing there stunned.

As Karen proceeded to close the shutter for the night with a huge smile on her face her manager called out, “You’ve still got it girl!”

Who knew, romance isn’t dead after all!



In Bury, our store staff have built a great relationship with a very loyal customer who regularly shops with us for his wife. The gentleman, who is partially sighted, came in the day before Valentine’s Day to buy something for his wife that she had asked him to get. Whilst he was in the store he also wanted to buy a dress for his wife to surprise her for Valentines.

As the store staff described the recommended items to him and he felt the material of the dresses, between the team they all managed to choose a lovely bardot dress for the lady, whose husband was certain that she would love the surprise. The staff were all thrilled that they could help the gentleman with such a personal service and they look forward to his weekly visits due to his great sense of humour. On which note, he left the store singing a rather rude version of Roses are Red, Violets are blue…

So if you have any romantic tales to share with us from Valentines or better yet, if you can help us find the mystery man from the Lakeside toy store, we would LOVE to hear from you!