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Spring TV AD- Behind the scene


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Hi Ladies! It’s the Yours Stylist again!

Early Tuesday morning 6.30am to be exact myself and the head photographer Laura set off on our journey from our little studio in Peterborough all the way to the city of Manchester! Coffee in hand (we are not used to this kind of early start) we sat on the train yawned and wondered what the day ahead had in store for us. Personally I had never been to a TV ad filming before, so was excited to see what it was all about.


3 hours later we arrived in Manchester and made our way to the filming destination. I have to admit I was more than intrigued by the place we were filming. All we had been told was it was going to be a warehouse style set, so when the taxi pulled up and we walked into a hotel reception we were slightly surprised. The hotel was covered in cool art and interesting sculptures, it definitely wasn’t your average hotel, and right at the end of the corridor past a mini cinema was a large warehouse.

After all the introductions to the crew, we set off to find the dressing room to get together the outfits for the day ahead. Fiona our model was already in her first outfit, glammed up ready to go, and the filming was just starting. The first outfit was a cute floral dress, with a flowing skirt and pastel flower print. With the music pumping through the room and what seemed like hundreds of light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, it certainly didn’t look like your average warehouse.


The first scene was a long walk in the first outfit through the hanging bulbs. Now to me this sounds simple, but actually the time it took to get this right from all angles was unreal. You have to think about the final product and all the angles you want to cut to, from a long shot to a shot of the feet. All of which includes a lot of hard work from the crew. We were all ready for lunch by 12pm, not only for the food but the warmth of the canteen… we were freezing!

Lunch was interesting; it felt like being back at school sitting on wooden benches in a canteen. A few sarnies later the crew disappeared back to the set to set up for the next scene. It seemed crazy that we were still in the first outfit, we were all wondering how they were going to pull this off in time. It wasn’t until 2.30pm that we finally got into outfit number 2. Outfit 2 was a strong outfit that mixed Aztec harem pants and the same print kimono together as a suit, styled with a bold magenta blouse. A quick walk, some fierce posing from Fiona and we had the shot- 10 minutes later we were on outfit 3, a vintage style floral print dress with pleated skirt and PU waistband. Then 4 a key Aztec print jumpsuit with harem style cuffed legs, and finally the final outfit!


In between this unfortunately for Laura and I our manager Resh made us walk the walk all the way through the light bulbs in front of the entire crew. As we strutted up towards the camera we definitely didn’t feel a million dollars, got to the end and got embarrassed and burst out laughing! This model business isn’t as easy as it looks!

The final scenes included a line from Fiona and a shot where she was shocked because of an explosion nearby. She was in the boldest of our outfits a beautiful coral skater dress showing off one of our key shapes this season! She walked towards the camera looking fantastic and delivered her lines over and over to ensure we got the perfect shot. Now it was the final scene, probably the most exciting scene. So the crew directed her to jump at the sound of the producer clapping, however as he clapped one of the crew members made a loud bang behind her making her jump for real. It seemed in the first shot we had got it- and it was a real reaction!


Now we were all tired, Fiona was cold and we were all ready to go home, with our jobs done for the day and the idea of a long and tiring journey back to Peterborough we couldn’t leave quick enough. What a day. So watch out for our TV advert that airs on 2nd May, broadcasting some of our amazing clothing, and least of all a lot of hard work!