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Popping Prints With Awesome Accessories!


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Powerful prints seem to be taking over at Yours, in stores and online. We just can’t get enough of them! From floral, tribal and tropical prints we have the best selection just for you.

Summer is the season to go crazy, let loose and be brave, sporting a bold look. Not only do you stand out but your confidence will grow seeing heads turn.

Over the years I’ve grown to learn that popping patterns may be daring but that doesn’t mean you can’t team them with accessories too. You may feel wearing one bold item is enough but there is never any harm in accessorising!

My first item that I’ve been dying to write about is the Black and Citrus Dipped Hem Dress. The pattern portrayed on the dress is unique and reminds me of a cross between some kind of animal print and a tropical aztec print, I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve seen a pattern like this yet. My favourite thing about this item is the citrus shade which I don’t feel has been seen enough this summer.


Accessorise! Team this dipped hem dress with our Magenta Clutch Bag. The colours nicely complement one another making for a beautiful outfit. Personally I’d be launching this look at my next summer wedding.


This Black And Purple Floral Top is another love of mine. The floral print is audacious featuring really unusual colours that work really well together. Made from a silk fabric this top is comfortable and suitable for summer, looks and feel wise.


Accessorise! To complement the purple tones within the top, slip in these Gold & Purple Beaded Earrings, only £5! The chandelier shaped earrings add the finishing touch making a great outfit even more fabulous.


Daisy print just cannot be beaten and these Black And Pink Daisy Print shorts are no exception. Covered in various sized daisies these shorts are super cute and to die for. Not only are they made of jersey material leaving you with maximum comfort but they feature an elasticated waist. Mix it up with various vest tops as these shorts are so versatile.


Accessorise! My ultimate accessory this month is the stereotypical summer floppy hat. Completing every look and going with every outfit possible, pop on our Natural Braided Straw Sun Hat to cover your head from all that heat.


Dare to go bold and accessorise! xxx