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Palm Tree Prints


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Hello Ladies, It’s the Yours Clothing Stylist here again!

It’s the time of year when everyone around you seems to be booking holidays. It seems that way for me anyway, everyone accept for me!! Colleagues are spending their lunch times looking at holidays around the globe, planning on jetting off to all different areas of the world from European holidays, to exotic Thailand, New York… you name it. I have to admit I am a little jealous, not just of the rays they are going to catch but also of their wardrobes they are shopping for. As you can imagine in my office clothes are the centre of attention so it makes it so much harder when everyone is jetting off.

What a perfect time for the palm tree print to make its debut, it’s in every highstreet shop, in all different shapes and styles of product. And to make it even more appealing you don’t have to be jetting off anywhere to wear this cute print, it’s an all-rounder this spring/summer! You can wear it to a festival, the beach, the park, a BBQ, on holiday… anywhere you want! It’s give you a cool Californian glow without actually jetting off to California. Get your on trend palm tree prints below!!


Top left to right: 46569 Yellow Tee, 49511 Mint tee, 49497 Maxi dress, 49308 Scarf, 49371 grey scarf

Bottom left to right: 48694 Blouse, 49249 Black dress, 49432 Pink dress, 49431 Blue dress