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Oscars Red Carpet Fashion


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Hello everyone! Hope you’ve all had a fab weekend. Our sale offer is still so popular we’ve had no choice but to keep it going – aren’t you lucky?

Well, red carpet season reached it’s piece de resistance this week with the Oscars! Having spent the weekend before last blubbing over The King’s Speech I’m glad that it’s won. But more importantly: THE DRESSES!

Sadly I felt the dresses were a bit bland, what a shame! But, here are my most notable:

Cate Blanchett is always a red carpet winner. She is daring and adventurous while still looking incredibly classy, and her Givenchy couture dress is no exception. Regal, elegant and with a flash of neon edginess at the back. Perfect!

I love the colours of Mila Kunis and Scarlett Johansson’s dresses – although now I’ve put them together, it might just be my inner West Ham fan peeking out – and the hints of lace are sexy without being overbearing.

All photos courtesy of Just Jared

As much as I love these two for both their talent and quirky dress senses, neither Florence Welch or Helena Bonham Carter looked quite right on the red carpet, sadly. I can see what they were going for, but in Florence’s case the apricot lace just looks like the worst kind of vintage, and Helena’s dress looks a bit on the cheap side, despite costing thousands! Better luck next time, ladies!

What do you think peeps? Were there any favourites that I missed? Remember to let me know what you think here, on twitter or on Facebook!

Until next time…

Lauren xx