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New Wide Fitting Shoes Range


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Happy feet makes for a happy you and when it comes to the shoes we wear, comfort is of the utmost importance. Who wants to walk around with aching feet? As with the jewellery we wear or the handbags we carry; shoes are an essential accessory that adds a bit of glamour to our outfits.

We all know how horrible it can be squashing our feet into shoes that are too narrow. They force your feet and toes into an unnatural and very uncomfortable position. Our wide fitting shoes help to provide the comfort and space we all love and need to have. A comfortable pair of shoes makes life more comfortable for you.

Here at Yours Clothing we sell a variety of shoes that will cater to both your style and comfort needs. Our shoes are made for a wider E fit are and include styles such as the beautiful Black Diamante Detail Ballet Pump, which can be worn with leggings or a skirt to show off the details of the shoe. We also have a couple different gladiator style shoes, such as the leather look charcoal gladiator sandal with a 2.5” heel. This style can be worn to dress up a pair of jeans or to give your legs a little extra length.

Our shoes at Yours Clothing are the perfect shoes for everyday wear, providing you with the comfort of a wider fit and a dazzling designer look. Shoes are the essential accessory to dress up any of your outfits and can really give you that extra bit of comfort and confidence that makes you feel glamorous and sexy.