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My Experience on the Catwalk for Yours Clothing


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My name is Georgina and I blog over at She Might Be Loved. I recently walked the catwalk for Yours Clothing at Plus North which was definitely a surreal experience. With hundreds of people clapping for you and supporting you, whilst in room filled with so much love was absolutely unforgettable. When the time came around to apply for to model at Plus North, I had no intention of ever doing so. Sure I’m a confident woman and I love that I’m Plus Size, but a model? There was no chance. But Plus North doesn’t work like that. Anyone, any shape, any size can model at Plus North and everyone is welcome. Before applying for Plus North I had to tell myself that I didn’t need to worry about what other people thought, as most likely, they wouldn’t be looking at the way my fat would wobble as I walk and they wouldn’t care about my double chin. They’d simply care about the stunning clothes we were modelling and that we were having fun strutting our stuff!

Georgina Grogan

Being surrounded by so many beautiful, plus size bloggers who had even already had this realisation, or were going through it at the same time, was a really inspiring experience as we weren’t there to judge each other, but simply to support each other. It was amazing seeing the other bloggers look so confident as they started their walk down the catwalk and by watching them strut one by one, I soon lost my nerves completely and just walked with my head held high and a big grin on my face. That was of course until my shoe tried to fall off, I never claimed to be able to walk in heels! But even then, no one seemed to notice or care, they cheered anyway as I quickly slipped it back on and posed at the end. The lights were bouncing off of the sequins on the stunning Yours Clothing dress and the statement necklace was kind enough to keep my modesty from the plunging neck.


This beautifully structured sequin dress, which will be available to purchase from Yours Clothing in time for Christmas, is definitely one of the best little black dresses I have been in, yet I didn’t really appreciate it until after I saw the video of the Yours Clothing catwalk and of how much it glistened and sparkled as the lights hit it. I can’t say that I’ve come down from cloud nine yet but if I ever do, I know I’ll just be able to watch back the video of all the stunning bloggers and feel right up there again. The Yours Clothing team were absolutely amazing in being organised and helping us all in and out of the dresses. A small changing room meant that there was no way around getting changed in front of quite a few other ladies, but once again, no one seemed to be shy which only made me feel more at ease. Whilst everyone walked down the catwalk, our outfit details were read aloud for all to hear and most likely jot down on their wish lists. My entire weekend at Plus North was one of the best experiences of my life so far, and if I got the chance to go and model again next year, I’d just have more fun with it. I wouldn’t worry about my pose or walk, I’d just have fun and enjoy every moment! I’d also make sure I could get some more photos too! Thank you so much to Yours Clothing for letting me model for them, and for writing this post! If anyone reading this wants to go along to Plus North next year, whether you’re relatively shy or a confident person already, make sure you apply to model as it’s an experience that you won’t want to miss!

She Might Be Loved