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Meet Remmi – Our Face of Yours WINNER!


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Back in September we launched a nationwide competition to find a new face of our brand. Due to the sheer amount of entrants, we chose three over all winners.


Remmi Williams, Khristie Lawton and Feyi Luther.

We caught up with Remmi and here’s what she had to say…

I am a strong person. I’ve always tried to smile through trouble and been kind even to those who’ve showed me no kindness.

I’ve been told I can be naive but I think I just have a big heart proportional to my body, and we shouldn’t fear open kindness and being ourselves through the possibility of pain; which is a lot easier to say that to practice, I know!

When I was younger I found comfort in reading, losing myself in someone else’s world entirely was my escape, escape from the stresses of my reality. When I was in my teens the only women on screen were the social standard of beautiful at the time, slim, pretty and nothing like myself; the women weren’t chubby, the women certainly weren’t never seemed weird or quirky like I was at the time, so whilst they were stunning and lovely in their own right, I never saw anyone to identify with.

It was only as I first started experiencing body positivity and investing myself into it that I noticed that the lack of diversity slowly started to change; and I wanted to be a part of that change.

For as long as I’ve known the Face of Yours competition to run I’ve wanted to enter, but have never had the confidence, but this year all it took was a sweet whisper from a friend to make me click enter.

Never in my dreams would I have expected to win!

I feel so driven and empowered by this to do everyone proud, to make other young girls like myself see someone that reflects them and supports them.

I know this utterly amazing experience is just the start of something big and beautiful, and I can’t thank Yours enough for kicking it off.

Remmi x

Remmy 5