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Meet Feyi – Our Face of Yours WINNER!


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Back in September we launched a nationwide competition to find a new face of our brand. Due to the sheer amount of entrants, we chose three over all winners.


Remmi Williams, Khristie Lawton and Feyi Luther.

We caught up with Feyi and here’s what she had to say…

In 2017 I began to shed my skin, step out of my comfort zone and I started to really see who I was becoming. My faith in God showed me that it’s not about what people say but what he says about me. This year was the hardest, I almost lost my home and my family and my marriage but God remained constant and nearby. He sent me angel friends and an amazing pastor, who left everything and flew to give us counsel and prayed with us. We survived.

Lesson – storms are meant to shake you and throw you around but they NEVER last!

I entered the face of yours competition because I needed a boost of confidence and I wanted to show my daughter who has autism and global delay development that beauty comes in many packages.

I entered it not knowing what would happen and just for my daughter to see that look mama has another picture of her ?? we take lots of pictures together.

Lesson – don’t let fear hold you back from anything you want to do! Sometimes just jump in head first!

Now I have been told I am a WINNER!

I am still in so much shock and I am in such a state of gratitude for such an amazing opportunity to show others how to love themselves and to show that no matter what the world says you are beautiful no matter what.

I am thrilled to be the face of Yours Clothing and I can’t wait to see where this takes me.

Feyi x

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