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Maternity Jeans: just for pregnant women?


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Recently we’ve been hearing from some of our customers that they wear our maternity jeans even though they’re not pregnant.

Sound a little bit strange? Well, the reason that people are loving our maternity jeans so much is that they feature a stretchy comfort panel that supports and tucks in the stomach to prevent an overhang. So instead of wearing hold-in briefs underneath their clothes, people are treating our maternity jeans as jeans with built-in support.

Quite frankly we think it’s jean-ius! Our maternity jeans combine the stylish design of our main range jeans with the practical element of being able to move around and breathe more easily.

Therefore, they’re ideal for everyday tasks that require you to be dressed appropriately but also feel comfortable… such as house work, the school run or shopping. Not to mention holiday season when you need a little extra room for your food baby. We all remember the notorious moment in Friends when Joey renames Phoebe’s maternity pants his ‘Thanksgiving pants’.

And the best thing about them? No-one would be able to tell that they’re maternity jeans. The comfort panel is super subtle and stays hidden under your clothing. So as far as anyone else is concerned, you’re just wearing a normal pair of jeans… it’s almost too perfect!

Would you consider wearing maternity jeans in place of main range jeans? We’d love to know your thoughts on this one.

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