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Made in the UK!!


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Hi Ladies, it’s the Yours stylist again!

This week we are happy and proud to announce that some of our beautiful products are made in the UK! Personally I think that’s a huge achievement, with the majority of clothing made in the far east in recent years, its really difficult to find good quality clothing made in Britain. It supports skills and craftsmanship that is struggling to survive in the current industry. It also creates jobs, which is fantastic for our current economy! What a great thing to support and care about.

Personally I love this industry, and think it’s a real shame that you can’t readily see it on your door step as much anymore. Textiles is dying out as a subject in schools, and all because it’s more expensive to create these amazing products here in the UK! As a company we currently work with 14 manufacturers in the UK, supporting the British fashion and textile industry! With some imported fabrics we have factories making the clothing right on your doorstep. Some of our knitwear is even knitted, dyed and printed right here in the UK!

Shopping with Yours clothing ‘made in the UK’ collection also doesn’t mean that you have to jeopardise your wardrobe either! We are offering some amazing on trend pieces throughout this collection. I for one love this range. From daisy prints to neon brights it truly has it all, and with the same affordability of all of our other beautiful products.

The staple this season has to be printed kimonos of which of course we offer in this range. These two beautiful kimonos are coming soon, but are definitely must haves when they come into stock. Kimonos are great throw over garments; they are lightweight, easy to carry if you get hot and fashionable too. They can make a basic jeans and tee outfit look instantly amazing just by putting a Kimono over the top!


Celebrate this wonderful news with us today and shop in our made in the UK shop today! Have fun!!


Love Yours