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Lovely In Lingerie- Sneak Preview!!


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This week’s been a busy week for Yours HQ, with several shoots and lots of lovely new products coming in to get on the web. We’ve had our weekly model shoot, our lovely competition winner Lynn in for the Day, and also a Lingerie brochure shoot! It’s certainly been manic in the Studio and a very exciting way to start the New Year off with a bang! So I thought I’d give you an exclusive from the backstage at our lovely lingerie shoot, and a quick sneaky peek from our Valentine’s Brochure!


With Valentine’s day fast approaching we wanted to make sure all you lovely ladies are prepared and feeling gorgeous. So with that in mind we decided it would be the perfect time to get a lingerie brochure ready for you to browse through all of our amazing lingerie ranges. Feeling inspired by working with such beautiful products we set to work on brainstorming ideas of how we can possibly show off such delicate fabrics and details. We wanted to do them the justice they deserve. Soon it became clear that we all felt it would be a nice idea to show the products off in a different way to how you normally see them on the web. We felt still sets would be the way forward, hoping that you would see more focus on each piece. After an hour the team seemed to have got completely engrossed in the shoot, and were eager to get started, but as this was 4pm on a Friday afternoon we had no time to start until Monday- a whole weekend to wait!

Monday morning came and we were all ready to get stuck in, armed with tissue paper, pegs, feathers, rose petals, and anything random we could get our hands on and have an excuse to use. Even with a structure in place and a good idea of what we wanted from each range we seemed to get a little over excited, slightly like kids in a sweet shop! And the saying time fly’s when you’re having fun was definitely true! As we got further consumed but the flash of the lights, and became very particular about the way each garment was perceived in each image, home time seemed to come far too fast! By the end of the day we had shot the lingerie in so many different ways we had forgotten the first ones we had shot.

valentine-9By the time Tuesday came around and we had all had time to sleep on our previous days shoot, it meant we could get a better idea of what we were missing and focus an hour on the last shots we needed. Now all that is left is putting the brochure together, so watch this space and keep your eyes peeled for the finished article!! We hope you enjoy looking through it as much as we did making it!!


Have an amazing Friday ladies!

Love Yours