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Leighanne’s top picks to look like a Yummy Mummy!


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I am Leighanne and I write a plus size fashion, lifestyle and parenting blog over at

I am really excited to be writing a blog post for Yours Clothing as I have been shopping with them for a number of years. I love how they are changing and keeping up with trends, which as a plus size fashion retailer doesn’t always seem as easy to do.

I gave birth to my daughter, Darcy on the 8th January – and wow what a change! I have always had a love of fashion, but now my money seems to go on nappies and baby milk rather than nights out and new dresses. That said, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Whilst ‘window’ shopping on the Yours Clothing website recently, I was very pleasantly surprised at how much of it was affordable – even for a brand new mum like me! What I love is that I can buy an item or two and feel like I am treating myself, without having to worry about breaking the bank.

I know that many of us are looking for ways to shop for clothes without spending a fortune and I love that Yours Clothing allows me to do that.

I thought I would share with you a couple of my favourite items! I know most people would skip straight to the sales at this stage, but actually some of their full price items are really affordable – I know, it shocked me too!

As a new mum I am looking for clothes that I can wear everyday – because it isn’t always about glam! But that said, I don’t want to look like I haven’t made an effort.

Black and Ivory Butterfly Print Tunic Dress With Button Up Back- £20

butterfly dress

At just £20 I honestly feel like this tunic dress is a bargain. I am quite tall so I would probably have to wear it with jeans or trousers, but I still feel like this would look great. The great thing about an item like this is that it’s versatile and can easily be dressed up or down depending on where I am going & how much time I have to get ready, which really depends on Darcy!

Black And Multi Sleeveless Floral Mirror Print Dress - £20

floral dress

Of course it isn’t always about what to wear during the day – I like to think I might have the odd night out or two as well! I really love the pattern of this floral dress and at £20 its definitely affordable and within my budget for a night out dress! I’d love to dress this up and wear it on a night out, it’s definitely on my wish list!

Black And Red Tartan Print Front Dress With Zip Detail- £15

tartan dress

The full price item on Yours Clothing might be great, but their sale items are just as good. I had a quick browse to see what was on offer in the Yours Clothing sale and I couldn’t believe that this tartan number was only £15 – what a bargain! I love tartan because it’s an item that can be dressed up or dress down – perfect for the budget conscious like me!

So there you have it – my current favourite 3 items for Yours Clothing… Of course ask me again tomorrow and they’ll have changed!

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Thanks for reading

Leighanne x