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Lauren’s Fashion Fixer: Wedding Guest Outfits


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Hello everyone! It’s been a pretty busy week here at Yours, but one thing has remained the same: our massive sale! Yup, as we speak you can still get an extra 20% off all our sale items!

Earlier in the week, Hannah asked on the Yours facebook page whether I had any suggestions for what she could wear to a wedding she’s attending soon. I had a bit of a think, and came up with two suggestions which I think fit the bill.
Our lovely photographer Marzena took some photos of me in the actual outfits – I’m no model, but I tried my best! Anyway, here are my two wedding guest looks from Yours Clothing:
Classic Black

Black mesh halterneck dress, £30
Black 120 denier tights, £10
Cream diamanté corsage, £4
Black diamanté flats, £10

Black oval stretch bracelet, £6
Black has long been considered a strange colour to wear at a wedding, given its negative connotations. However in recent years I’ve noticed more and more women wearing black to weddings and looking very chic!
Our black mesh halterneck dress is incredibly glamorous and flattering, with ruching to the bust and a soft hanky hem. I’ve teamed the dress with opaque black tights, black embellished flats, a contrast cream corsage, and some silver jewellery to keep it simple and elegant.
The great thing about wearing a classic LBD is the versatility of the colour, meaning you could use any kind of colour scheme or accessory theme with it.
Vintage Fancy

Apricot pearl trim tunic, £35
Black 120 denier tights, £10
Black diamanté corsage, £4
Black pyramid clutch, £6
Black cluster stretch ring, £5

I really love this tunic, although it has divided opinion with some thinking it’s beautifully vintage, and others saying it looks like it was cobbled together with your grandma’s old chandelier! I’m definitely in the former camp – I love vintage and this evokes the style of old Hollywood glamour.
Because the dress is a champagne/apricot colour, I have used all black accessories to contrast with the paleness of the dress itself. I love the fact that it’s glamorous but still modest, and not about to upstage the bride. However, if you really fancy catching everyone’s attention, swap the nude tunic for our cerise tunic instead – there’s no way you won’t be able to catch the eyes of all the guests!
Well I hope this helped in some way and possibly gave you some inspiration! If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me via the comments here or on twitter and facebook. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Have a great weekend guys,

Lauren xx