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Julia’s Fashion Fix


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My name is Julia Ogden and I am the fashion editor at Yours Clothing. I am here to help you stay one stiletto ahead of the style game and give you tips on how to wear the latest trends. I also want to hear from you: Let me know what you think about Yours Clothing, send me pictures of yourself in your favourite Yours outfit and if you have any fashion tips you want to share please get in touch.

It is very important to remember very few women are confident about their bodies. Most of us have hang-ups and are conscious about certain areas being on display.

However, we are often our biggest critics, and it is amazing how easy it is to disguise the bits we don’t like by wearing the right clothes for our shape.

Here at Yours Clothing, all the clothes we sell are designed to flatter the fuller figure and help you feel more confident.

It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, if you feel you look good then chances are other people will too. So don’t forget to straighten your shoulders, put your head up and smile – it’s always the perfect accessory to any outfit.

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