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How to wear double denim


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Double-denim is a renowned trend of the 90s and has made an increasing comeback in the past four years. It is a look that can either be 100% fabulous or 110% disastrous, there is no in-between. (As Brittany and Justin famously discovered in 2001.)

How do I do plus-size denim right?

Over the years, we’ve noted a few minor, yet hugely impacting points to consider when shopping double denim in our wonderful plus-size industry. So this is what you need to know…

  • Darker denim is more slimming than lighter denim and can minimize areas of the body which lighter denim will enhance. Therefore, if you are top heavy, use a darkdsf denim on top and if you are bottom heavy utilize darker denim in the form of a skirt, shorts or jeans.

  • When doubling up on denim, avoid shades of denim that match. Contrast works best for this look – as the last thing we want is a walking denim baby grow!

  • Make sure it fits! Denim can be uncomfortable at the best of times so be sure that when you are trying your items on, you move and stretch and jump about to certify ultimate freedom of movement. (What this also means is, your lumps and bumps will be less squished and more flattering.)

  • The best way to lengthen your legs is to go for a block colour, skinny jean/ jegging (without distressing) and combine with a baggy un-tucked denim shirt to enhance an hour glass figure.

  • For even more elongating – throw on a pair of statement heels. Any statement piece will draw attention to the area, so throw on a bling necklace or a print scarf to defer the eye away from any sins!

As always, confidence is our best style tip for you. Wear any plus-size outfit with confidence and you can rule the world! Good luck doubling up on denim and don’t forget to wash new jeans in a separate wash so that the dye doesn’t run!