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How To Stay Productive And Keep A Good Routine At Home


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Novelty of being at home starting to wear off? We feel that. It’s time to go back to basics and look at ways that we can keep productive whilst staying at home.

I think i speak for us all when saying it’s getting harder to get out of bed, motivation is at an all time low, and working from your kitchen table just doesn’t seem that much fun anymore. You’re not alone, we’ve rounded up some easy ways that will give each day some structure so you can stay productive. Sound good?

Get Up And Get Dressed

It’s easy to want to stay snuggled up and in your pj’s when you’ve got nothing to get up for, but getting up and getting dressed are the foundations of keeping a good routine. Here some tips to get motivated:

  • Set an alarm for the same time each day – This will allow you to keep a solid routine.
  • Get an outfit ready. Put out an outfit to wear each evening ready for the next day, that way you can wake up and don’t have to spend time deciding what to wear.
  • Have a warm shower or bath. Get some of your favourite oils, bath bombs and candles and take half an hour to sit back, relax, and prepare for the day ahead.

Separate Your Weekday And Weekend Wardrobe

Do you find yourself sat at the dining table for dinner in the same pyjamas you slept in the night before? Guilty! All rules are out the door at the moment and our wardrobe’s are merging into one. Why not try and keep your weekday and weekend wardrobe separate so you can distinguish between the two – a working wardrobe and a casual one.

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Give Your Day Structure

Plan the week ahead, even if it’s days filled with just little tasks. Once you know what you’ve got to do that day, you’ll feel as if you’ve got something to get up for. Try this:

  • Make a list. List down ALL of the jobs you would love to get done and then divide them into the days you’ll have time to do them.
  • Keep a good sleep routine. Get up and go to bed at the same time, keeping this routine will keep your body clock in check.
  • Exercise. HIIT, yoga or a walk outdoors? However you choose to workout, make time for it each day. It sets an hour away from whatever you’re doing and will boost the feel-good factor.
  • Don’t over do it. Give yourself time to sit back and relax, if you don’t want to do anything – then don’t, give yourself time to do nothing at all. The biggest way to kill productivity is by overdoing it.

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