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How To Plan The Perfect Hen Do


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Hen dos are the perfect opportunity to do something super special for your bestie! But with fun times comes mega responsibility! Don’t freak out! We’ve put together a step by step guide to help you plan the party to end all parties, drama free!

  1. Ask the bride what she wants to do

Although it’s fun to throw a surprise, it’s also important to get an idea of what the bride would like to do before planning commences. Organise a ‘hen do chat’ to find out what she’s thinking. Is she expecting afternoon tea, a weekend away, or a full-on trip to Ibiza? The essential information you need to find out is when she would like her hen do to be, what kind of celebration she’s hoping for, and who she would like to come. Is it a family affair or strictly friends only?

  1. Choose a date in advance

Once the bride has okayed a date, you should set up an email, Facebook or WhatsApp group, invite all the hens and tell them to put it in the diary. It’s best to this as soon as possible to make sure that everyone can come.

  1. Make sure that the VIPS can make it

Although you can’t change the date for everyone, it’s important to make sure that the VIPS can attend. For example, you don’t want the bride’s sister and best friends to miss out on the (second) biggest day of her life! If someone special can’t make the date, it’s worth rearranging!

  1. Set a budget

Hen parties can get expensive so it’s best to set a budget early on. Figure out how much travel, accommodation and each activity will cost and let the hens know with as much notice as possible.

  1. No refunds

When people start cancelling it means major hassle for you and more expense for everyone else. For this reason, it’s important to make it clear that all payments are final.

  1. Plan a surprise activity

Although it’s all about what the bride wants, it can’t hurt to throw a surprise activity her way! How about a cocktail making class or arranging for a glitter make up artist to do you all up? Here are some of our favourite hen do activities:

  • The Gypsy Shrine: Did you hear that these glitter beauties now do hen dos? We know right! This is perfect for a bride who loves the sparkly things in life!
  • Dirty Martini: Cocktail making classes are a great way to start a night! Dirty Martini offers a package especially for hen dos that is great value and tons of fun!
  • The Crafty Hen: The Crafty Hen offers a range of daytime activities that are perfect for hen parties! The flower crown making class is great for hens of all ages.

  1. Make a schedule

It sounds a little bit Monica-from-friends, we know, but sometimes a clipboard and headset combo is necessary! Make a plan of where you need to be at what time and keep it with you in case you drink too much prosecco to remember!

  1. A little bit of tack goes a long way

Every bride says they don’t want to wear anything tacky, but on the day they’ll be asking for a sash and tiara. It’s best to stock up on pink fluffy items just in case. Or, for the more sophisticated bride, check out Oh Squirrel’s range of adorable hen party accessories. Use code HOORAY10 for 10% off until 31st August 2017.

  1. Have an amazing time!

Your last official job is to celebrate with the bride and have a fabulous time, whatever you end up doing!