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How to Look Good in Animal Print?


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Animal prints have become more than a trend; they have become a classic print that is often seen on the catwalks all over the world. Season after season, many fashion designers use some form of animal prints in their collections. While some women love the prints and wear them boldly, other women are shy about trying such an eye catching trend.

For women who love animal prints and wear them proudly, Yours offers you the Animal Collection with its great selection of clothing to choose from. The most prominent way to show off a love of animal print would be with a maxi dress or jumpsuit. For a casual outfit, choose a maxi dress in jersey, a comfortable fabric that can be worn every day. For a fancier night out, a chiffon maxi is a great way to wear the print to a more formal occasion.

There are also an assortment of animal print tops and leggings to pair with solid-colour clothing. A leopard print chiffon tunic looks great over a pair of solid-coloured leggings. You could even pair an animal print vest or top with jeggings, or jean leggings, for a younger look. There are also leopard print leggings that look great when paired with a simple top. The key is to strike a balance between the print and the rest of your outfit. If you are wearing a dress or jumpsuit, it should be the only print you are wearing. If you are wearing a top or leggings in an animal print, the other pieces of clothing should be more neutral to let the print stand out on its own. If too many prints are competing for attention, the look can quickly become a disaster.

For women who would like to try the trend without wearing a lot of animal print, there are a lot of accessories available to add a finishing touch to an outfit. Animal print shoes, scarves, and handbags are all great ways to wear the print in moderation. However, wear only one or two printed accessories with an outfit to avoid going overboard. Another great option is the animal print jacket. When paired with a simple outfit, the jacket can be a great fashion statement for colder weather, and you do not have to wear it all day.

So no matter how brave or shy you feel about it, there is a right piece of animal print clothing for you. Go on take a look at our Animal Collection and release your wild side!