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Holly’s Plus Size Holiday


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“There are a million worse things to be than fat!” – Holly MacGillivray

Holly MacGillivray is the all-singing, all-modelling, former “Face of Yours” winner from North Wales. Now living and working in the Isle of Wight, earlier this year the size 22 beauty flew out to the Bahamas to film the highly anticipated documentary “My 18-30 Stone Holiday”. As the title suggests, the show centres around a group of plus size holidaymakers staying at a size-friendly resort and has it’s ITV debut at 9pm on the 24th October.

Whether Holly is heading up her Meatloaf tribute band, getting glammed-up for a photoshoot, or working her day job in Sales & Marketing, she’s all about spreading positivity and being confident!

Here we get the low down on how her days in Bahamian paradise were spent, why she thinks it’s important to promote the plus size community, and what she really thinks about the show’s controversial title…

How did you find out about the show and what made you apply?

I actually found out about the show from someone telling me to read a blog on Yours Noted!! I saw it was on and thought I would love to apply for it to show that you can be plus size, love your life and be happy!

What activities did you take part in on the show?

We did all sorts from Yoga to Canoeing, Toasting Smores on the beach to swimming in the Sea! It was so beautiful there! Like Paradise!

What was your filming schedule like?

The filming schedule was quite laid back, we filmed every day and every evening and at most mealtimes too!

Did you have any free time?

We had a few hours of free time every day – which we enjoyed immensely!

Were there any parts of the show that were scripted?

Absolutely not!

How do you feel about being on a “plus size” show?

I feel excited, proud and very intrigued to see how the show will be put together and how people will react!

What do you think about the show’s title?

I’m not overly excited about the show’s title, particularly as some of the others on the programme are above 30 stone! It doesn’t really make sense! I would rather “My plus size holiday” or “our BIG holiday” But hopefully the title they have chosen will draw the audience in!

Do you think it’s important to have TV shows that focus on the “plus size” community?

So important. I think it’s important to have TV shows that show diversity and acceptance. I really hope that if even one fellow size 22 person watches me on the show and gains more confidence, realises they can be fashionable, confident and happy then I will be really pleased!

What do you feel was the purpose of this show?

To show that just because your big you can still live a happy fulfilling life!

What was the worst thing about being on the show?

The fear of not seeing the TV show before everyone else does!

What was the best thing about being on the show?

Meeting the other 7 people. We talk nearly every day on a Private Facebook Group – they will forever be in my heart!

What did you learn from the other holidaymakers?

That your body is just your outer shell – it’s all about what’s on the inside!

What advice would you give to anyone who struggles with confidence on or off the beach?

You only live once. What a sad shame it would be if you got to 70 years old and had never felt the hot lovely sun shining on your body because you were always covered up. People might look, people might even point and laugh but it’s their problem, not yours. 99% of people won’t even bat an eyelid, the world will not crash down if someone sees your bingo wings or chubby thighs in a bikini! Wear what you want, what makes you feel good, what makes you happy. There are a million worse things to be than fat!