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Healthy is perfect!


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Nicola Roberts, the stunning redhead of the music act Girls Aloud has hit out against the media criticism she has faced regarding her slim figure.

The pint sized pop star claims to have never been a gym bunny, but Roberts doesn’t seem to give credit to the energetic dance routines performed on Girls Aloud tours over the last eight years.

Claiming “It’s irresponsible for people to obsess over it [her weight] because I don’t want girls to feel they have to be the same shape”, we couldn’t agree more.

There is a strange preoccupation amongst women to be the perfect size, but we are yet to live in a society where healthy should be seen as ‘perfect’.

At Yours Clothing, we sell clothes for down-to-earth real women. Girls who enjoy their lives without ridiculous body hang ups are way sexier than stick insects who restrict their lives to maintain a size 4 figure (are you listening Victoria Beckham?!)

Women are MEANT to be curvy, so don’t hide under shapeless clothes, pop on this eye-catching belt (pictured above) over the top of your favourite dress, jumper or shirt and show off your waist.

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