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Have you been watching Big Ballet like our model Amy?


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Our beautiful model Amy has written us a blog about our awesome footwear range. Check it out:

I don’t know if any of you saw the new dance programme Big Ballet? It really brought back all the memories of my childhood, being told I was always too big for this or too big for that. I loved the fact it proved us larger ladies can dance and be light on our feet; just as good at things as slimmer girls, and it really started me wanting to set more goals in my life.

I have always been turned down for my size until I started modelling; whether it was walking into a clothes shop and only seeing size 10, joining a new class or even just buying footwear. It was my first day at secondary school and I had to wear boys’ shoes or trainers as there was just no shoes over a size 7.

I love the fact when I shop at Yours Clothing none of this matters you really feel fantastic about yourself.
I can buy shoes and know they fit and have no problem at all. They really do cater so well for our wonderful curvy shapes and started changing times in the fashion industry.
I’m so pleased to hear Yours Clothing are now starting to cater for size 10 feet meaning we can walk tall and our feet be comfortable. As much as the weather is really on a downer at the moment there are plenty of items to really brighten up our wardrobes.

My shoe fetishes at the moment are the Black Ruched Ankle Boot With Side Zip In EEE Fit £30 and the Black Biker Ankle Boot With Gold Double Buckle In EEE Fit £38.00


They are uber comfortable and so on trend, so many celebs are wearing these teamed with jeans or leggings. They fit on straight away and there was no “I have to wear them in”, and they are so soft inside. They would also be perfect for a night out with tights, especially in the cooler weather we are having at the moment. Completely in love.

I was looking at black designer ankle boots like these at £99 plus and only stop at a 7 so ladies these are a must.
I never had my Cinderella moment until I found Yours Clothing footwear.

Love Amy xx