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Happy birthday Virgo ladies!

From 23rd August to 22nd September it’s all about you!

Known for their hardworking nature and excellent organisation skills, Virgos are the most careful of all the zodiac signs. However, this month it’s time to leave the clipboard at home, let loose and have a blast! Your birthday twins are Cameron Diaz, Pink and Queen Bey herself – so we know you know how to party!

In honour of your big day, we’ve put together a special Virgo edit with everything you need to celebrate your birthday month to the max.

Virgos ladies are all about the details! You appreciate the finer things in life and love to decorate your outfits with accessories and jewellery… so we found the perfect piece for you! It’s ideal for adding a touch of glam to your casual look, or pairing with your favourite party dress!

You love nature and enjoy spending time outdoors… So we thought you might appreciate a stylish new parka to keep you warm! This shower resistant jacket can easily be folded away and stored in your bag, making it perfect for spontaneous adventures and nature walks.

Virgos are exceptionally loyal to their family and friends and have many loved ones. For this reason, we’re certain that you’ll be having a big party or night out to celebrate your birthday… and we’ve got the perfect dress for you to wear!

Virgos are dedicated workers who are extremely committed to their professional life. With this in mind, we picked out the perfect blazer to enhance your workwear wardrobe!