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Happy Birthday Libra Ladies!


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Calling all Libra ladies!

From September 23rd to October 22nd it’s all about you!

Famous for their diplomatic skills and harmonious personalities, Libras are peaceful, fair minded people who excel in cooperation. As natural born problem solvers, Libras often find themselves caught up in other people’s dilemmas. However, this month is a great chance to take a break and focus on yourself.

You share your birthday month with Kim Kardashian, Kate Winslet and Gwen Stefani, so we know you’ve got some serious sass in your bones!

Enjoy your birthday in style with this unique Libra edit, including everything you need to celebrate your special month.

Libras dislike spending too much time on their own and love to be surrounded by people. So we assume that you’ve got a full-blown night out planned! And to match your special evening, you’ll need an extra special dress! Here’s one we think you’ll love:

You love spending time outdoors, going on adventures and exploring new places. With autumn weather in full force, how about accessorising your outerwear look with a new hat?

Libras are very visual people who love art, rich colours and pretty things. So we know you’ll want some bling to complement that party dress:

Libras appreciate relaxation time and love to chill out in a familiar environment. How about some new lounge wear for maximum comfort when you’re sleeping off that birthday hangover?